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Like it or not, the latest version of the most popular toolkit in the creation of modern websites and applications is here to stay. But this also means that this toolkit, or framework, known as Bootstrap 4, is only about to begin its evolution.

For prominent Moodler Gareth Barnard, creator of countless plugins and themes including top-of-the-line “Essential,” it is the perfect opportunity to jump into yet another take on the future. With the release of “Foundation” (which may or may not be a nod to Asimov’s ambitious envisioning millenia throughout the future), Barnard “aims to provide a starting platform upon which to build themes and child themes.”

Previously in MoodleNews: Essential Released for Moodle 2.9 (check out the alternate color swatches)

Unlike Moodle’s default “Boost” theme, which delivers a theme sandbox with several standard options ready to access and customize, “Foundation” allows user to grab elements as they’re needed. While “Boost” features presets, “Foundation” introduces “‘partial’ templates” that must be built on PHP or JavaScript. This has the potential to provide lighter and more flexible takes on Moodle themes, with the downside of extra development required.

At any rate, theme designers and developers might find in “Foundation” the starting ground they were looking for to put the full extent of possibilities that the Bootstrap framework offers, many of which are obscure in “Boost.” But “Foundation” also brings other extensions, including SCSS, swatches, the aforementioned ‘Partial’ templates as well as “theme modules.”

The “Foundation” theme is available for Moodle 3.5. Install it or download it at

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