What Were The Most Requested Moodle Features The Glasgow Audience Asked ‘The Man’? MoodleMoot UK & Ireland 2018
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In March, as part of Moodle CEO and Founder Martin Dougiamas’ customary keynote, he once again took the opportunity to ask the audience at MoodleMoot UK & Ireland directly about the features users want or miss most in Moodle. The results are available at a Moodle “devpad,” a live collaboration document. These might not be representative across the whole vast Moodleverse, but it does bring interesting ideas about users concerns.

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Here is the 15-item “Feature Wishlist” in order of popularity:

  • Fix Nav Bar (“breadcrumbs”) so that all levels work (55 votes). A simple and easy one. When you travel fast into the navigation branches of Moodle, the breadcrumbs on top that tell you where you are along the tree should let you return to any higher navigation level.
  • Drag (or cut and paste) content from one course to another (50). An interesting feature that would extend Moodle’s drag-and-drop functionalities. Furthermore, simpler course duplication and transfer options would come in handy in several contexts.
  • Embed activities directly into resources (40). Perhaps this would mean taking a page of H5P and turning activities into standalone “types” that can be added onto other systems and websites. Technically, this is something that could be supported through the LTI protocol.
  • Improve attractiveness of quizzes for students (eg. fling the teacher) (35)
  • Archiving and roll over tools (35). An “activity library” for teachers would be interesting. This could be a place where teachers organize their activities and add them to their courses, ideally across Moodle sites.
  • Ability to display all HTML content (Bootstrap and H5P) in Moodle Mobile app (30). Full compatibility of plugins is something on which the Mobile team at Moodle HQ is working actively.
  • Multiple markers in Assignment module (29). The ability to assess student work across several dimensions is already possible through Moodle Rubrics.
  • Study the assessment workflow/process across all activities (eg. assignment marking) (28)
  • Student-specific start dates (relative dates for activities) (25). This ability would greatly benefit students in self-paced courses.
  • Administration reporting and management (19). An “admin dashbord” centralizing updates, data, and popular functions would help run Moodle sites more smoothly, which would likely benefit everyone.
  • Ability to define next activity in an activity (13). While technically you can already add a link to an activity from almost any other activity, a more standard way, that could also integrate with completion tracking, would give students interesting learning paths.
  • Define a new level of context for sections (between course and activities) (12)
  • Meta data across Moodle (contexts and some data) (12). Places like Moodle Profiles already allow admins to create custom fields. This request raises the question of what happens with them when a user migration is performed.
  • Management tool for physical resources (7). Some plugins offer booking functionality to Moodle, so students can reserve teacher time or rooms. Arguably, a feature better suited for a plugin, rather than within the core.
  • Use HTML 5 instead of images for assignments (for annotation) (5)

Access the document at devpad.moodle.org, typing “MootIEUK18” on the name box.

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