What To Look Forward To In the Philippines’ First MoodleMoot Next April

What To Look Forward To In Philippines’ First MoodleMoot, Next April
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A tradition of learning, mediated through discipline, but with a keen acceptance of technology to consolidate educational outcomes, and its contribution to the national economy, is a distinguishing feature of most South East Asian nations, and the Philippines is no exception.

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A post at moodle.com shares updates on MoodleMoot Philippines 2018, the country’s first and an illustration of the growing importance of open software for country-wide learning impacts.

As is customary, the MoodleMoot will be opened by a keynote from Moodle founder and CEO Martin Dougiamas, followed by a program that mixes technical expertise and networking, thanks to:

  • Moodle Development Workshops and Masterclasses,
  • Moodle use cases, studies, success stories, and testimonies,
  • Moodle usage training, course design, tips. and tricks,
  • And the newest features, Moodle HQ news, and the future roadmap.

MoodleMoot Philippines 2018 will take place in Manila, Thursday and Friday, April 26-27th.

More information is available at the official MoodleMoot Philippines 2018 landing site.

Stay tuned on social media using #MootPH18.

Post “Circle 26-27 April in your diaries for the first ever MoodleMoot Philippines 2018!” at moodle.com.


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