What Moodle Means At Different Levels Of Professional Development
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The fondness towards Moodle and its community, which is palpable from most Moodlers, paradoxically makes it difficult to judge how much the Open Source LMS has objectively benefited users’ careers. To counter that, the Moodle blog has tried to provide diverse profiles of Moodlers who have interacted with Moodle professionally for at least a few years and have done so from different roles.

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Veteran Moodle admins and developers, members of the Moodle HQ team, and “Moot” organizers all have a place in the Moodle blog’s “Moodlers Monday.” Check out some words of inspiration from them:

Andrew Nicols, Senior Analyst Developer/Integrator at Moodle HQ:

I’ve always really liked the idea that Moodle is Open Source, and is so widely adopted by so many institutions. I feel strongly about social responsibilities, so being able to improve such a large community project and to help its many users in a professional capacity is a really empowering thing to be able to do.

Richard Oelmann, Senior Systems Developer for Learning Teaching and Research at the University of Gloucestershire:

My early days with learning about HTML, CSS, PHP and development for Moodle were entirely supported by people in the community until I found I was actually answering questions for other new users as much as I was asking them!

Georgie Holst, Events Coordinator at Moodle HQ:

Being part of a global community that strives to give back to the community really drew me to apply for the role at Moodle.

Chris Kenniburg, Web Administrator for Dearborn Public Schools in Michigan:

[Moodle] speaks to the universal need of education and it is exciting to be a part of something bigger than the job at my desk. We chose Moodle because of it’s amazing toolset for teachers and learning.

Check out more “Moodlers Monday” at moodle.com.

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