What Is A Training Management System That Moodle Cannot?

Training can be widely considered as a subset of learning, and the benefits of arguing against this are clear only for those fond of semantics. But when it comes to technology, this focus can be a winning strategy.

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Just like human bodies are better equipped for long-term endurance than most animals, Learning Management Systems offer a high value across the board, to the point of being critical in the future sustainability of the modern learning organization. But a stripped-down, single-goal system might offer advantages in limited, short-term context. Put another way: Would you bet on a human at the races?

Not only can a Training Management System (TMS) streamline clearly defined processes and be a quick-to-deliver answer to an urgent need, it can also be a way forward for many LMS. According to Coherent Marketing Insights, which offers easy-to-handle tools for instructors to lead trainings and track performance, Training Management Systems are one of the trends expected to play a significant role in the forecasted 23% annual growth (CAGR) of LMS between 2018 and 2025.

Think of a TMS as a “disposable” LMS that might not require ongoing support, much less a learning strategy aligned with the organization’s mission and values. Or think of it as a “gateway” system towards more comprehensive use of EdTech in the pursuit of higher goals. In any case, educational technologists should be aware of the options available that would help spread EdTech adoption. Elearning Industry’s Kim Morrison argues TMS are better suited for smaller teams, who might not be ready to buy into more comprehensive systems but do want streamlined processes and information.

Read “Why Smaller Businesses Need A TMS And An LMS” at elearningindustry.com.■

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