Moodle QA Phase
“Quality QA (Alternate)” by Ben Watts is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Moodle 3.6 is scheduled for release in a matter of days. The last sprint involves all of us.

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Moodle HQ Community Manager Helen Foster invites every Moodle user to help in the Moodle 3.6 “QA Stage,” to make sure the LMS is ready to assist teachers and advance learners goals.

To join the QA team of testers, sign up for the Moodle Tracker and the Moodle Forum, then let Forster know that you’re interested. She will add you to the group so you can choos and perform the test. Often the tests need to be performed twice, once for every available theme.

User Testing is a fundamental aspect of modern software development practices. While the importance of putting the tools on the hands of users is a growing practice, organizations must be careful with managing expectations, or even backlash, in case a product is just too raw to be dependable. With a user-based Quality Assurance step, software developers make sure a few good-willing testers face all the potential visual and functional breakdown before they reach the mainstream. While most companies need to pay for the work put in by testers, Moodle is lucky enough to count on a loyal following of believers who know the rewards for their time is immense, if not monetary. Time and again they have stood up to tackle the hundreds of tests that need to be performed (560 this time). It helps that Moodle is built by a highly skilled team and more often than not the issues are small.

While an 80% pass rate is enough to deem Moodle ready for mass consumption, the team usually makes sure the 100% is achieved.

What are you waiting for? Join Luiggi Sansonetti, Séverin Terrier, Babaso Aldar, Sa Ku, Vicent Perales i Mateu, Nicolas Martignoni, Germán Valero, Sharon Monie, Lisa Caines and more!

Learn more: “Help needed with Moodle 3.6 QA testing” at

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