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Benign arguments are the order of the day at the Moodle Forum. Brian Mulligan is looking for existing developments or partnerships for a Moodle support chatbot. Forum dweller Colin Fraser replies, “Why reinvent the wheel? We have Moodle Forums.” Are those even the same? What allows to consider two things as equivalents? Paragraphs worth of semantic arguments ensue. It does feel odd that an idea in Moodle is actively discouraged for not having a large enough user base. Moodle is the largest there is! Fortunately, to Mulligan’s cause the voices of support sound stronger and tru-er. Mulligan would do well to consult Matthew Porritt and Farhan Karmali for background research and perhaps input. Looking forward to your progress, Brian!

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Mystery Moodler “b g” wants Moodle to help “teach reading.” Who better to answer vague, one-line questions than the kind-hearted Chris Kenniburg, Al Rachels and Justin Hunt? The latter’s Read Aloud plugin stands out as the best choice for “g”’s students, who we finally learn are native Arab-speakers approaching English for the first time; thanks to its AI-powered voice and pronunciation detection capabilities.

Doug Funnie, from Thailand, is looking for a complete plugin development process. In return, he finds valuable advice in setting up a local server environment, cache purge, Moodle debugging mode, and the embedded terminal and xdebug features of Visual Studio Code. Veteran Moodler Marcus Green found the discussion valuable enough to tweak his decade-old routine.

And Julian Ridden ends a 3-year Forum hiatus to introduce “Moodle News Alexa Skill.” It is the result of a AWS workshop. It enables Alexa owners to ask “What’s in the news?” and get a briefing from moodle.com/news, and MoodleNews ourselves! Get the skill here.

Bonus: Check out some really, really old Moodlers! If the pic above this article looks familiar, congrats, you’re it.■

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