“Video assessment and soft skill development platform” Bongo is joining IntelliBoard and and Blinside Networks’ BigBlueButton as the third Moodle Premium Integrator ever, according to an official Moodle press release.
From Loveland, Colorado, Bongo offers interactive “Video Assignments” and “Virtual Classrooms.” It promises to allow instructors to give more specific (“time-stamped”) feedback on their assignments. It is compatible with Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) and compliant with US accessibility guidelines ADA, Section 508 and FERPA. It offers multi-language support, with specific languages not disclosed. In addition to Moodle, it is compatible with Blackboard, Canvas LMS, Brightspace and Sakai.
The partnership means that, in exchange for a share in their revenues, Bongo (formerly known as YouSeeU, just two days ago) can claim Moodle has chosen it for “their capabilities to integrate well with the Moodle platform, that complement Moodle’s native features.”
Unlike Intelliboard or BigBlueButton, Bongo is not a Moodle household. It will be introduced to the society next Monday, not too far from home, at MoodleMoot US 2018 in Denver. Talks about the value of soft skills today and a “Bongo Platform Deep Dive” are planned for Monday and Tuesday, respectively.

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