Use This Brand New Moodle Theme For A Return To ‘Classic’

Use This Brand New Moodle Theme For A Return To ‘Classic’

The Moodle core is keeping its promise to cut ties with Bootstrap 2 (or “Bootstrapbase”), the framework for modern web development that introduced Moodle to modern user interfaces and standards. Bootstrap 4 is already here, and even if in the eyes of a few the latest release is still not ready for prime time, the end of the line for v2 will come sooner or later.

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As previously announced by Moodle, the transition to v4 will mean the eventual decommission of the default “Clean” and “More” themes. A new “Classic” theme seeks to fill in the gaps by preserving Moodle’s ole look, taken to the world of Bootstrap 4. Think of it as an electric 1978 Cadillac DeVille.

While “Boost” was built to offer a comprehensive, easy to customize interface that will pave the way for bolder usability action from Moodle going forward, “Classic” brings extreme simplicity and familiarity. Some of its distinctive features include:

The “Classic” theme is now available for Moodle 3.5 before it ships with the core, expected for Moodle 3.6. Sites using “Clean” and “More” are strongly encouraged to perform the upgrade.

Install “Classic” directly from the Moodle Plugin Directory (requires  Moodle site admin login and sign up) or manually by downloading and unpacking on your Moodle server.■

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