Try ‘Training,’ A New, Clean, Simple To Get Started With Moodle Themes

For users looking for a quick and easy way to customize a Moodle layout, “particularly helpful” Moodler Michael Milette is introducing “Training,” a new theme catered to those first-time Moodlers in charge of setting up a custom look on their site.

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To become the easiest way for a newbie to set up a unique theme, Milette has focused on “decluttering” the many options possible in more traditional Moodle themes, including the default “Boost.” As a result, it provides support for basic options:

  • Logo or banner on top, compatible with image dimensions large and small.
  • The NavBar can appear above or below the logo or banner.
  • “Dark” and “light” modes.
  • Grid view available.

As well as a bit more technical funcionality:

  • Customizable favicon
  • Customizable CSS
  • Compatibility with text filters across the theme, including menu items
  • Customizable front page navigation block

As a new theme, Milette expects a few hiccups will arise as it is tested across more contexts. He invites troubled users to report new issues on the theme’s GitHub bug tracker. On a positive note, users should expect more features soon, including background image functionality and accessibility improvements.

In addition to the “Training” theme, Milette also develops and maintains the FilterCodes text filter type plugin, the Contact Form, and the Moodle eMail Test plugins. Development is supported by Milette’s Ottawa-based company, TNG Consulting, as a way to give back to the community and showcase in-house expertise in branding, business, IT, and coaching.

Install or download the “Training” theme from the Moodle plugin directory.

More information at “Training” page at

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