Thousands More Could Soon Enjoy A Steady Supply Of Drinkable Water Thanks To Moodle And IHE Delft
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Dutch Institute IHE Delft, reportedly the “largest international graduate water education” organization in the world, helps academic partners in the development of programs focusing on management practices for water and environmental resources. In collaboration with universities and research centers, it supports master’s and doctorate degrees, summer courses, and tailor-made programming.

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It was time they wet their feet online.

In determining which platform to use, IHE Delft considered several components. Due to IHE Delft’s versatile offerings, a system supporting their operation should be flexible, at no cost to reliability. It also had to be adaptable, both in looks and deeper under the surface.

IHE Delft chose Moodle. Next step: focusing on solving the world’s water crisis.

Education has always been considered a critical element in IHE’s mission. From daily habits to high-level planning and policy, solutions in favor of the conservation of natural resources are there. They just need to be known by the right people.

In addition to the on-campus Moodle, a second platform was made available exclusively to online students. This helped online faculty get organized and soon kickstarted collaboration activities among participants.

It is not uncommon for prospective postgraduate students to show some skepticism about online programs. Fortunately for IHE Delft, the organization has a longstanding reputation, which covers its educational offerings, and its partnership with UNESCO sends a hard-to-match signal of world-class expertise in capacity building.

Visit the website of IHE Delft, in partnership with UNESCO.

Read “IHE Delft Institute for Water Education uses Moodle to put the focus on water engineering globally” at

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