The Moodle Lesson Activity arranges content, media and questions into a simple sequence. A staple of the Moodle experience, it takes a little planning to make it perfect. For those not yet ready to jump on it, Kiwi Moodle Consultant Richard Jones brings us Simple Lesson.

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With simple Lesson, a teacher can create a sequence including content, media and assessment activities. Quiz questions can come from the Moodle course’s question bank. Its simplicity reminds of Khan Academy’s recent announcement to add quizzes between videos. All in the name of “mastery learning.”

Other features of Simple Lesson include:

  • Multimedia pages with hyperlink-based navigation
  • Summary lesson attempts reporting
  • Choice of manual grading for essay-type questions

If you want a more complex set up, with availability conditions, timing and non-linear paths, Jones himself recommends the standard Moodle Lesson.

In its latest version, Simple Lesson remains in beta, but is adds compatibility with Moodle 3.5 and GDPR.

Check out a demo and learn about New Zealand’s endemic beauties in Jones’ Moodle site at Read more here.

Install or download “Simple lesson” from the Moodle Plugin Directory.■

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