If you want your friends or prospective buyers to nod in agreement when they wander around the pages of your Moodle site, look no further than “Shoelace,” a classic Moodle theme that has been recently reinvented.

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Based on the website design framework Bootstrap, the “Shoelace” theme brings strong contrast thanks to a bold choice of colors balanced by an elegantly thin font.

Any color choice can be customized through a comprehensive color panel, from where it is also possible to upload an image as the site’s background. Colors can be edited by clicking on a rectangular RGB color space or by writing the color’s hexadecimal code (also known as color HEX). Logo image and size can also be modified from the same menu.

Placement of the blocks and page elements is also a breeze thanks to the “Layout settings” picker page, which gives you literally thousands of combinations, from simple departures from the default look to some wild repositioning. Another picker page is available for the Frontpage exclusively, which boasts an image gallery. These elements can also move around thanks to the theme’s drag-and-drop design functionality.

“Shoelace”, the latest update of the theme, extends its compatibility now all the way up to Moodle 3.4. Ability to display Font Awesome icons is the latest main upgrade.

Download or install “Shoelace” from the Moodle Plugin Directory.

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