This Moodle Theme Brings The Best Of Many Worlds

“Moove”, a Moodle theme maintained by William Mano Araujo and, offers a simple but striking layout. While it does not exactly follow the current trend of making Moodle look as little like Moodle as possible, it does take some liberties, which will hopefully make your Moodle site stand out.

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A series of colorful tiles introduces us to the theme once it’s installed. It serves as a basic dashboard about the current site stats: disk usage, active registered users, courses, and users that are currently online.

“Moove” is designed to guarantee focus on the part of the user, but this does not mean features are limited. Two collapsible menus give quick access to most features, files, and blocks.

On the left, the now classic “NavBar” toggles from a hamburger icon on the header. But even when collapsed, icons for pages remain on a strip. Hovering on it reveals the full name of the destination. When the NavBar expands, all information is revealed. This also shows the theme’s responsiveness: the page fits the content no matter the width of the menus.

The right-side menu opens from a little tag and reveals quick-access blocks: Private files, online users, badges, calendar, and events. Administrators can enable page bookmarks, which will appear in this section, as well as any compatible blocks from plugins.

The “Moove” theme is now compatible with Moodle 3.4. The latest release also fixes some menu navigation issues, adds a login box on the front page, and supports hidden breadcrumbs.

Install or download “Moove” from the official Moodle Directory. It is supported via donationware. Contributors can click on the Directory’s “Donate” button to help via PayPal.

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