This LMS Is Your Entry To A Career In International Financial Crime

If you’ve spent too long of your life frustrated at the state of the world, waiting decades for a chance to prove yourself, and get the recognition you deserve for making your mark, ManchesterCF might be one of the most understanding companies you will come across.

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This Toronto-based financial learning services firm was known as a reliable provider of old-school, face-to-face training. The kind of training people take big, heavy print books to. So when the company decided they were moving their business online, the financial institutions that make up their customer base were hesitant. However, this attitude did not last long, considering the exponential growth of demand and the fast-evolving body of knowledge-related risk prevention and management of money laundering, terrorism financing, corruption, fraud, and other financial crimes. This according to ManchesterCF’s head of learning, in an interview with Blackboard’s E-Learn.

Crime today is global and sophisticated. Technologies that make our lives better often make the work of criminals easier too, and they may open new avenues for delinquency. To raise awareness and equip teams with the right tools, ManchesterCF’s offering was remodeled into three streams that would reflect the profiles of the leaders and public officials entrusted with protecting private and public assets: Financial Crime Training, FINTEL (Financial Intelligence) and Corporate Compliance. A subscription model, FIU Connect, gives access to state of the art of financial crime policing, with textbooks and computer-based examinations. Standalone courses include “Trade-Based Money Laundering,” “Critical Thinking for Financial Investigations” and “Human Trafficking.”

To date, FIU Connect offers more than 30 modules for an undisclosed, but reportedly 4-figure number of students, which has led to “dramatic” increases in revenue and company size.

Read “The Impact of Online Migration on ManchesterCF’s Unique Financial Crime Prevention Courses” at

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