Recently, the official Moodle blog reviewed Moodle features. Some of them are more popular and better known by casual users, and some can be considered “obscure.” But in both cases, taking a deeper look even at Moodle’s most distinguishing features could give you a leg up in productivity and resourcefulness.

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Here is a look at some of the recent reviews, written by Moodle HQ staff.

File Picker. Moodle lets you set any type of file as an activity, like books, quizzes, or any other popular ones. While most places in Moodle let you add an option to download a file, placing it in a dedicated page has benefits. It highlights its importance, it makes it easier to identify for the whole class, and it can be added to the course’s checklist if completion tracking is active. It also allows picking several files for a page, in which case Moodle offers several display and sorting options.

“Adding content to your courses is as easy as 1,2,3 using Moodle’s file picker” at

Adding images. Most Moodle pages also double as upload placeholders. Just open a folder in your computer and drag an image into the Moodle window in your browser to view quick upload and file management choices. A more classic take is, coincidentally, the File Picker, which allows many sources and simultaneous image upload.

“Make your Moodle course picture perfect by adding images” at

If you are looking for a more in-depth take on Moodle’s main features, including how they work on mobile, consider signing up for the “Learn Moodle MOOC.”

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