The Way Of Farhan Karmali In Shaping Up Moodle Sites (And Communities)

It might have taken longer than expected, but the learning landscape in India seems to finally be bracing for a transformational period. It will likely be marked by higher interaction with more developed EdTech markets, be it through partnerships or competition. After all, India’s neighbors are in very similar stages of development with increasing demands for skill acquisition.

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One of the foundations of this upcoming expansion, especially for open source technologies, was last year’s MoodleMoot India 2018. Also a late first, it set the tone for future interactions between learning organizations in India and across the world. And as a key witness, Farhan Karmali, developer and lead organizer of the event, was in attendance. Karmali interacts with platforms, students, and Moodlers as a day job, and then he works as a learning consultant by night. A profile of Karmali recently appeared on the Moodle blog.

Karmali would like India to enjoy more recognition for its contributions to Moodle. They are regular contributors to Moodle plugins and themes, and several profitable Moodle development and consulting businesses already reach out abroad. At the same time, organization is perhaps the local community’s main challenge, as they have skills and energy to spare. Which helps explain Karmali’s recent turn towards advocacy and event coordination. He is enthusiastic about India’s digital education initiatives, including the government’s Digital India, which would help bring learning and a variety of services and network infrastructure to more users and villages.

A Moodler since 2011, Karmali also has a lot to share about supporting a community to engage and grow. Rightfully so, he sees Moodle as fluid, a constantly evolving software that requires a comparable mindset. This not only makes people understanding of the fact that the Moodle they will get to know will not be the same forever, it gets them excited about announcements for new things to come. Karmali in particular looks forward to Moodle’s social network and to see how he can interact and share with teachers and IT crowds from all over the world.

As he continues to cement his reputation as a very helpful member of the Moodle community in India, Karmali will enjoy recognition as a Moodle pioneer in India for posterity. “Spreading the word about the MoodleMoot India and getting more people to attend will eventually help increase Moodle use in India and empower educators.”

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