From the User Experience (UX) team at Moodle HQ, Alberto Corado has continued to seek real quality feedback that would make the Moodle interface nicer, easier, more intuitive, faster, and better performing… In other words, better.

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In his latest post on the Moodle Forum, he is looking for feedback about one of the most popular features released almost a year ago, in Moodle 3.3: My Course Overview Block. This feature was made possible by the Moodle Users Association, its Project Development Cycle, and Gemma Lesterhuis, MUA member, author, and leader of the project.

First, you’ll be asked a few questions about your knowledge and expectations about Moodle and its functions. The survey then follows your specific experience with Moodle as an instructor. The most critical part is whether your courses take advantage of Moodle’s completion tracking feature, necessary to display the Block’s timeline and visual percentage features.

The survey will help fix any patent issues, but it will also inform the development process at Moodle HQ, both for in-house features and future winners of MUA’s Project Development Cycle.

Read Corado’s post on the Moodle Forum for more information, and to access the survey.

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