The “Moodle Educator Certificate” was finally announced this year in Brisbane. Moodle HQ Education Team’s Bob McDonald defined it as “student-based” and also “UN Sustainable Development Goals-based”.

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The program is designed to achieve teaching and learning outcomes in Moodle. Bob admits its goal is not to delve into Moodle’s settings, and acknowledges the system offers many roads toward the same goal. The “optimal learning tool” does not exist, which is to say it is not the same for everyone. MEC is aware of the context of learning, which will be present throghout the program.

McDonald also recognizes the program is based on some of the “fantastic” resources available from Moodle Partners. He mentions eThink Education and Moonami, as well as the community at large, as contributors of specific Moodle training and educational content. From this vantage point, MEC looks not to go after already covered ground, but, instead, on applied skills. “It’s not ‘How to Moodle’ but ‘Knowing How to Moodle’.”The MEC syllabus is based on the European Union‘s Digital Competence Framework for Educators, launched last year. It encompasses 22 digital skills teachers need to both master and instill into their students. MEC is in a way a translation of EDCF into Moodle. The result is a 4-section course, reflecting current Moodle teaching approaches, and 6 key practical competencies that are emphasized at the certification stage.

From the learner’s point of view, MEC is a 5-module course featuring a summary, introductions, 2 design challenges, and a conclusion. Contents, from text and video to interactive and plugin-based activities, are wrapped around the structure, regardless of the topic.”This isn’t really a program designed to be a ‘check box’ and done. It’s one when we’re asking the participants to think about how they can take the knowledge and apply it to their teaching context.” MEC will soon by available by Moodle Partners, with schedules and fees at their discretion. In any case, MEC will always be certified by Moodle HQ. 10 Partners are currently set to announce MEC training.

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