The Dickinson College Faculty Resists The Switch From Moodle

College student paper The Dickinsonian’s Jessica Oren reports on the objections and measures a group of professors is taking to prevent the college from transitioning from Moodle to Canvas LMS, which was initially scheduled sometime in 2019, but has now been suspended indefinitely. Moodle has been Dickinson’s LMS since 2009.

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The most exemplary complaint comes from the Italian language department. “[S]yllabi, documents and weekly calendars” have been developed and elaborated on in Moodle over the years, and it is unknown whether the content and the collaboration process can continue in Canvas LMS. Both faculty and alumni are used to Moodle, and a transition, as proposed and scheduled, might disrupt courses significantly. Among other uses, Moodle is the place for “language drills” built by the department.

Without expressing an explicit preference for Moodle as a class management and productivity tool, professor Ed Webb is quoted as defending the openness and control of the LMS over proprietary counterparts. He “had no idea there was a problem with Moodle.”

On the possible financial benefits (or the transitional costs and possible complications) of the now halted switch, another professor claims it is “not applicable,” but no actual figures are mentioned.

Read Oren’s “Transition Away from Moodle Delayed Due to Faculty Resistance” at

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