The Brand New “Learn Moodle 3.4 Basics” MOOC Is Officially Open

The Brand New “Learn Moodle 3.4 Basics” MOOC Is Officially Open

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The official “Learn Moodle” MOOC begins today, Monday, January 8th, with a few sensible tweaks over previous editions. But even though this MOOC is considered the starting point of a “whole new curriculum to learn how to teach offline,” the full extent of Moodle HQ’s education strategy will only be available later in the year.

Among the most notable changes is the ability to run an intensive track, where the MOOC can be completed and certified in one go, which could take as little as a few hours for precocious students. It is expected, however, that most users will follow the standard 4-week plan, which allows them to join live sessions every Friday.

The Moodle site hosting the MOOC has been upgraded itself to Moodle 3.4, just like the content has. It will be an opportunity for users new and old to get acquainted with the usability improvements of the latest major upgrade.

Some of the traditions of earlier “Learn Moodle” MOOCs remain, including a certificate of accomplishment and the opportunity to earn completion badges.

The “Learn Moodle 3.4 Basics” MOOC is also fully available through the “Learn Moodle” mobile apps for Android and iOS devices.

Follow #learnmoodle and @learnmoodle.

Sign up now at and learn more about the MOOC here.

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