Take An Early Look At The Expanded Question Bank Manager, Coming Along For Moodle 3.5 | Revisa Cómo va Quedando el Banco de Preguntas Mejorado de Moodle 3.5

The brainchild of the Moodle Users Association, its first-half-of-2017 Project Development Cycle, and University of Alberta’s Trevor Jones, the “Expanded Question Bank Management” functionality is close to finished and will be a part of Moodle 3.5, set for a May release.

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A prototype is available at Moodle’s sandbox. We logged in as a test teacher to give it a try.


Log in as a teacher and head straight to the “Quizzes section” of the “Activity Examples” demo course.

Go to the “Demo Quiz with all standard Quiz Questions.” Depending on whoever has visited the demo site in the last hour, you might find some questions or an empty quiz like this one.

Time to put the tool to the test! Click on the settings gear next to the heading and select “Edit quiz” (another gear) from the pop-up menu.

To pick and choose questions, select the small “Add” option that is under the oversized “Shuffle” option and a question mark icon, then “+ from question bank.” If there is at least one question already, the “Add option” will appear twice, above and under the question list.

An “Add from the question bank at the end” pop-up menu will show up and let you choose the category set available on the Moodle site and then filter using tags. You can visualize each question and add them in bulk or individually.

To add random questions, go back to the “Add” option and select “+ a random question.” An “Add a random question” pop-up dialog will appear. Just like the previous pop-up, you can choose by category and subcategory, then filter using tags. Even though the menu and heading suggests you can only add one random question, a “Number of random questions” dropdown option will let you choose how many you want to add below the questions already listed. The dialog also lets you create a new category for the random questions in the set Moodle is about to generate.

Once you add the questions, you can sort and edit the list to fit your needs. Just remember to save your Quiz. Check it out by going back to the quiz page on the course.

Go crazy! Check the current version of the tool by yourself by logging in at qbank.prototype.moodle.org.

Keep track of the technical progress on the Moodle Tracker project page.

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