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Produced during the first MoodleNet sprint in May, the Moodle HQ team led by Doug Belshaw, with the help of consultants and Outlandish, a digital agency, shows an early version of how the proposed educators network would look on a mobile device.

Post Pages - Post Inline - WIRIS

Judging by the starting place of the video (not MoodleNet’s home page), it seems like the team sees MoodleNet not just as a hub where to find people and content, but as an open repository where individual items can be found form outside, including search engines and social media platforms.

Opening the page to content stored in leads to a redesigned page, with image cover and photos of the contributors. Breadcrumbs, icons and tags complete the (much-needed) modernization of the interface.

When users have access to their personal MoodleNet profiles, two buttons will enable cataloguing functions: “Add to My Moodle” and “Add to this Collection.” The second one lets user contribute to a subject-specific repository, by adding links to pages, video and presumably other media. Collections allow comments by users. A recommendation enginesuggests related Collections at the bottom.

Collections can be built by communities, where users can join freely or upon request depending on the community’s rules. It is unclear if community membership is necessary to access and contribute to the Collections.

The sections listed on the Moodle.Net menu are Home, Collections, Communities and Profile. Much like most social media sites today, users can follow one another on their profiles, include their personal information, connect profiles from other sites and add interests. This will influence , if not determine the content that shows up on the Home’s “Updates” tab.

Read “MoodleNet design sprint: prototype overview” at

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