Doug Belshaw has released the latest update on the work Outlandish is doing for Moodle HQ, involving the interface of upcoming MoodleNet. Previous screencasts gave an idea of how the new “federated social network for educators” would work on mobile screens. This time, the example involves the desktop interface, which Belshaw considers to be on a better stage of development than the mobile experience.
In front of those watching the latest video, there is the desktop interface. It looks very familiar to a regular Log In page for a Moodle site, after which it was modeled. We see that integrated sign-up with social networks, and possible other Oath 2 systems, are being considered from the beginning.
On this early stage, the main page a user will see is a gallery of their “Featured Communities.” A left-side panel, mimicking the “NavBar” of default Moodle theme “Boost” offers quick access to other sections. Except this time, instead of collapsible elements, each section opens a sub-menu. The menu itself might not be collapsible. First-time members will have to fill-out their profile and subject, for the network to recommend communities. Since it’s a federated network, members will be able to have entirely different profiles, pictures, names and even user IDs, but they will preserve their “Emoji ID,” an idea Belshaw concedes is still premature.
Communities group members around topics, featuring forums and collections. These collections are expected to offer members an easy way to share resources and deploy them on their Moodle courses. Another early revelation is the behavior of communities. It seems that, under its current specification, members can be a part of communities, but not followers. This implies members will only be able to access resources if the community moderator (or an equivalent role) allows them.
In line with most social portals today, icons on the top-right will offer notifications, search, and quick access to settings and sign-off, from a right-side panel. At the time of the screencast the functionality of this panel had not been implemented.
The site is only a demonstration. Belshaw recommends not to sign up now at

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