Sign Up For “Learn Moodle 3.5 Basics” MOOC Starting June 18th | Inscríbete ya al MOOC 'Moodle Básico 3.5' que Inicia en Junio 18

As another Moodle tradition you might be aware of, following each major release (every six months) is a new iteration of the “Moodle Online Open Course” (MOOC), where thousands of people, with anywhere from 0 to 15 years of Moodle experience, meet to exchange ideas and learn about the LMS latest features. This time, the “Learn Moodle 3.5 Basics” course covers, as its name suggests, the May 14th release’s latest features along with, of course, Moodle’s core components, sections, and features.

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Last time, 4,652 out of the 6,230 enrolled started the MOOC on week one, and 1,046 completed the 4-week program and earned a certificate of completion.

“Learn Moodle 3.5 Basics” begins Monday, June 18th, 2018 and will run for four weeks. Registrations are already available at Participants can also take the course fully or partially mobile, thanks to the “Learn Moodle” app available for iOS and Android, in which case they can register directly there. All users who complete the main course workshop will have created their own Moodle course, which they will be able to port to their own Moodle and MoodleCloud sites.

This is the second time the MOOC includes the word “Basics” on this biannual tradition, signaling the future launch of a more comprehensive education program under the official “Learn Moodle” umbrella. So far, no new details about it have been announced.

Read the official announcement by Moodle HQ Community Educator, Mary Cooch, at the Moodle Forum.

Sign up for the “Learn Moodle 3.5 Basics” MOOC at

Download the “Learn Moodle” app for Android, or find the iOS version here.

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