Should You Take The Ongoing “Learn Moodle 3.4 Basics MOOC” All At Once?
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In today’s world, where information abounds, it is understandable we want to know all there is. But when a particularly interesting subject arises, it is also natural to feel it deserves special care. Slowness. Present moment enjoyment. A sense of flow.

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So when a MOOC lets you choose the way you want to complete the activities, what should you do? It might sound like a simple, maybe even silly, question. But as an open EdTech enthusiast, you should choose with care.

The currently live edition of the official “Learn Moodle 3.4 Basics” MOOC is entering its third week. For the first time, content for all four weeks is available at once. Moodle Community Educator and the MOOC’s lead, Mary Cooch, shares some early results. A majority of course takers have chosen the “all at once path.” Some completed the coursework in just two days. A few complained that all the certificates aren’t available until the end of the course.

Whether learning the basics of Moodle merits a few hours of attention or a month’s worth depends on the MOOC-taker. In general terms, an experienced user could get up to speed with the latest new features in an afternoon. If the certificate of completion is not necessary, the playlist may be just fine. But as Cooch reports, many newcomers are enjoying spending time with the LMS. Doing the MOOC with company, be it new friends or as a team, has proved fruitful for them.

Update “Learn Moodle MOOC Week 1: Step by step or All at once?” in Cooch’s personal blog at

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