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Anecdotes about the quality of work produced by participants of the “Learn Moodle 3.4 Basics” MOOC, which wrapped up last week, flooded social media over the weekend.

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It spawned several threads, and among the most recurring themes was the fact that many participants were colleagues who took the MOOC as a team. At work or as a casual coffeeshop activity, following the course as a group could provide benefits in networking and morale, in addition to increasing Moodle skills team-wide. Plus, learning together is a reliable way to improve learning outcomes. It is no coincidence that social learning, peer-based activities, and collaboration are some Moodle’s cornerstones. However, the practice Moodle course workshop, the MOOC’s final requirement, must be built individually.

Participants who successfully completed the MOOC’s activities should have received their certificate of accomplishment and badge by now. If they are interested in keeping the work going, they can export their practice courses before February 18th before the Moodle servers reset. The MOOC contents and activities will remain available until that date, but completing them will no longer earn a certification.

Stay tuned for more Moodle education opportunities in 2018 and a new “Learn Moodle 3.5” MOOC this summer from June 18th to July 15th.

Update “Together we can achieve more with Learn Moodle 3.4 Basic MOOC” at

Blog post “Learn Moodle MOOC week 3: We’re all in it together” by Moodle HQ Community Educator Mary Cooch.

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