Set Up A ‘Feature Friday’ To Jumpstart Your Team Moodle Skills
“friday roll” by Dying Regime is licensed under CC BY 2.0

The official Moodle blog has launched its “Feature Friday,” looking to create a tradition of highlighting new and existing features available in recent Moodle versions.

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With several issues made in the past year, a recap post promotes the establishment of “Feature Friday” for teams and organizations. Not unlike a study group, a different member could be in charge of studying a new Moodle feature or activity each week and showcasing it at an informal meeting, explaining its goal, how it works, and practical ways the rest of the team can put it into practice.

To kickstart the “Feature Friday” across learning organizations worldwide, has made available a few feature overviews. Here they are, along with our coverage on them:

Read “How can a “Feature Friday” improve your Moodle?” at

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