Privacy Conscious, GDPR-Ready Moodle 3.5 Is Coming Up. QA Help Needed

Development is ramping up for Moodle 3.5, the next major release of the world’s largest open LMS. As usual, you can see how the work is progressing on the Moodle demo sites.

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In the past months, interest (and concern) has grown surrounding how Moodle will handle personal data, as the impending GDPR regulation in the European Union nears its starting date. In practice, the most important requirements that Moodle should help organizations fulfill involve the management of site policies and the user consent given to them, as well as the ability to answer user requests regarding how much and where their personal data saved by the site is, for what they are being used, and their download and removal from the site.

Many of these developments can be seen on the “Moodle GDPR sandbox demo,” available at The first thing you’ll notice when you visit it for the first time, without logging in, is the now ubiquitous pop-up message that informs you the site is installing cookies on your computer, linking to the site’s “Cookie statement” and similar policies.

On this site the Moodleverse will perform the QA stage that precedes every major release. Hundreds of volunteers gather every six months to make sure the latest release is ready for the world. Several have already heeded the call and are standing by to await future instructions. In the past, willing users reach out manifesting their interest, then they are assigned one or many of the hundreds of tests prepared. When Moodle passing rate exceeds 80% it can be considered ready for release.

Read the announcement by Moodle HQ Helen Foster on the Moodle Forum.


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