PoodLL A\V Recording Plugin For Moodle Gets Deep Into HTML5 With Latest Update | El Complemento Favorito para Grabación de Audio y Video en Moodle, Cada Vez Más HTML5

In its latest update, PoodLL, a Moodle plugin family by prominent Moodler Justin Hunt, leverages the power of HTML5 features in audio and video recording and playback.

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The “Hello Single Button Recorder” is the main highlight. As its name suggests, the feature provides one-click recording functionality (browser permission requests notwithstanding). Besides being a simple way to deliver recordings within Moodle, it offers several interactive animations that respond to the recording. It is the smallest recorder available and it’s ideal for mobile screens.

The “Hello” Single Button Recorder is still in beta mode and currently only shows the “ripple” animation. A Moodle demo site, however, showcases four types, including “wave,” “frequency bars,” and “speech with wave.”

This and many of PoodLL’s features require a mobile or desktop browser with HTML5 support. Hunt has also released a state of the compatibility of recording by vendor. Notably, Internet Explorer is not compatible with PoodLL, while Safari and Edge do not allow video recording. Both Firefox and Chrome on mobile and desktop are reportedly fully compatible with PoodLL on HTML5.

The PoodLL family includes a core A\V utility and a set of plugins that integrate it with the text editors, the Moodle Database activity, and a text filter to add a widget anywhere. After a 30-day free trial, PoodLL is priced at $179 USD for individuals and $479 for institutions.

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