Moodlepreneur Monday: Can You Moodle Your Way Up Towards A Great Place To Work?
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The link between Moodle and the evolution of Human Resource management in many learning organizations is undeniable. For educational institutions, access to an LMS is also a measure of support for teachers, a grunt work timesaver so they could focus on pedagogy and ideas. It also enabled new communication possibilities for faculties and staff, and now it is not uncommon to find general-purpose forums or “Lounges” for teachers.

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But ask Holly Barnes, People and Culture Lead at Moodle HQ, and professional mission with “Reinventing HR from the inside out” up front; and chances are she thinks we are only scratching the surface of what Moodle can do for job satisfaction. Including Moodle HQ itself, where she just completed her first six months.

Barnes believes in “positive growth,” a people-based approach where business outcomes are tied to human outcomes, most of the time the latter as a driver of the former. In her short tenure she already managed to find her values compatible with Martin Dougiamas’ management style and the workplace culture at HQ. Now it’s time to address the technology, which HR can leverage and whose development it can simultaneously help burgeon.

At the moment, she’s working on “development plans for everyone,” a “coaching program,” regular “engagement and feedback” and “amping up” onboarding. Hopefully this will help Moodle HQ aspire to a distinction for their HR efforts in the Western Australian business community.

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