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“Quantified self” by Christopher Michel is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Moodle plugins are free health care and the Plugin Directory is your hospital right at home. Is your Moodle ailing, its potential somehow compromised? Come on down and take a pill or two. It’s free! Did we mention it’s all free?

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Some plugins may need a paid subscription.

Who wants nonsensical steps at the emergency room? User Bulk Enrollment lets teachers paste a list of emails on a text box, and after click, voilá! A Moodle user per account. local_bulkenrol


Open every stretcher at once. Upload enrolment methods plugin speeds up editing enrollment options in courses. It enables condition-based enrollment in courses in bulk via CSV files. tool_uploadenrolmentmethods


When questions needs students to upload files, Download essay submissions is the answer. It lets teacher download all student submissions at once and get everyone’s vitals. quiz_downloadsubmissions


Check up on you pat-er, students “conditions” with Mycourse Status plugin. It includes activity completion, course grade and self-completion breakdowns. block_mycoursestatus


Preventable diseases, such as the “scroll of death,” still takes active defenses. Hide inactive courses plugin hides courses unaccessed for a pre-defined timespan. local_hide_inactive_courses


The best care policy is anticipation. Embed question plugin allows you to prime your subjects with questions before assesments. atto_embedquestion


Exchanging records among institutions can be daunting. Profile field based cohort membership plugin let you organize users through cohorts. Any field counts when it comes to group them up! local_profilecohort


Set up any new course with the array of block of your crafted choice by uploading a CSV with your arrangements. tool_uploadblocksettings


Microsoft OneDrive offers PDF file converstion. You need a Microsoft account. Because how else are you going to get a PDF. fileconverter_onedrive


It was never easier to hide content and Moodle sections from specific people. Restriction by cohort plugin is useful for team organization or managing sensitive information. availability_cohort

A professional on call? Message My Teacher plugin adds contact choices to a Moodle page, so students do as instructed by the name. block_messageteacher


Take some time off with Webservice functions for cohort enrolment plugin. Get to the beach! Keep your Moodle connected to an webservice. Then, create and edit cohorts without missing one wave. local_ws_enrolcohort


Set up sequences of steps for the creation of “products.” Another name could be “educational evidence.” Chunk the task, assign roles, see each perform. Or not. report_workflow



Prevent cheating and boredom in mathematical answers. An algorithm checkes the problems. That way you can shuffle the numerical values in the variables. qtype_varnumunit


Add lots of text editing option from the editor using special characteres. A popular styling method mirroring the markdown syntax. atto_justify

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