All the plugins in the following, extensive list have been declared compatible with Mooodle 3.5.

Post Pages - Post Inline - WIRIS

Quiz reports: Download essay submissions

Lets teachers download all the essays students submitted on a quiz question with attachment request.

Blocks: Mycourse Status

Shows students how far they’ve gone on a course, how far they’ve left to go.

Embed question, Embed questions

Lets teachers add questions from the Question Banks available for the course, into pretty much anywhere.


Admin tools: Upload block settings

Lets admins set options for Moodle courses in bulk using a CSV file.

Availability conditions: Restriction by cohort

Lets teachers or admins prevent or allow only certain enrolled students to access specific sections and contents of a Moodle course.

General plugins (Local): Hide inactive courses

Declutters the student screen from courses not accessed in a long time. It notifies the course instructor when theirs hide.

Blocks: Message My Teacher

Lets users ping their teachers at their leisure.

General plugins (Local): Webservice functions for cohort enrolment

Lets admins and developers manage course student cohorts through code and data objects.

Question types: Variable numeric set with units

It lets teachers create questions with numerical answers that vary at every attempt. Ideal to combat cheating.

Quiz access rules: Quiz fault-tolerant mode

It preserves a Quiz environment in case of poor of null internet connection.

Reports: Groups

Shows teachers a list of all groups in a one-page interface that allows to edit their settings.

Reports: ID Numbers

Shows teacher a list of activities and “grade items” according to its system ID in a one-page interface that allows to edit their settings.

Question formats: CSV format

Lets teachers import multiple choice questions in bulk using a CSV file.

Geolocation block, Geolocation condition

Together they enable or allow access to specific course items according to student geographic location.


Blocks: Quick Course List

Lets students see all available courses from any page where blocks are allowed.

Activities: QUESTOURnament

A “competitive scoring scheme” gamification plugin.

Assignment feedbacks: Annotate PDF advanced

Stamps, margin and chained annotations are some of the extra features, compared to Moodle’s default annotation tool.

Blocks: Course Request Manager

Lets admins create course according to user requests, while offering extended request management tools.

General plugins (Local): Local Pages

Lets site managers create public pages linked to Moodle and site items.

Blocks: Export Glossary to Quiz

Lets teachers easily repurpose existing entries as Quiz questions in various formats.

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