MoodleNews Plugin February Roundup, ‘Can’t Pick Just One’ Edition
“Republican? Democrat? Undecided?” by Eden, Janine and Jim is licensed under CC BY 2.0

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A quick reminder before you read below: Verify a plugin is compatible with your Moodle site version.

Activities: 360° feedback

This plugin provides the popular and oft-controversial 360 review or 360 assessment method within Moodle, in which everyone discusses everyone else’s performance. Compatible with anonymous and non-anonymous responses.



Activities: Bootstrap Elements

Bootstrap Elements improves course layouts by adding some of the fun components, like a “modal box” and collapsible sections. Optimal themes to use this with include “Adaptable”, “BCU” and “Essential.”



Activities: UNEDTrivial

UNEDTrivial enables teachers to create tests based on specialized learning approaches, among which is the “testing effect” (topic reinforcement period before introducing new topics) and “spaced learning” (involving repetitions with breaks and physical activity). It features a custom analytics dashboard.



Admin tools: Cohort external database

When adding users in bulk (as by linking Moodle with an external database), this plugin automatically adds them to a particular cohort for better management.



Admin tools: Object storage file system

This one enables linking external file storage systems into Moodle, so files from any linked location can be seen on the Moodle file picker.



Assignment submissions: Changes

Changes creates a log detailing student actions related to their submissions: first uploaded, edited, and so on.



Atto: Question

This plugin allows teachers to quickly add questions made with the Simple Question plugin into any editable field in Moodle. Changes on the original question will be reflected anywhere the question is sourced.



Atto: Templates

Build templates, such as text snippets, that can later be added anywhere there is a text editor in Moodle. Also available for the TinyMCE editor.



Authentication: mojeID

mojeID allows users to sign up for Moodle sites and courses using the mojeID protocol, based in OpenID popular in Western Europe.



Block: Adaptable News Slider

A playful way to display important updates on top of your Moodle site, this plugin is made with jQuery. Recommended to use this one with the Adaptable theme.



Blocks: Bookings

It displays bookings made with the Bookings plugin. This offers sorting and filtering options.



Blocks: Exabis Library

Exabis Library uses a XML file to create a structured list of resources. Admins and teachers can update the tree-like library with files of links to externally-hosted resources. Read more at



Blocks: Featured Courses

Choose courses from your Moodle site to be displayed on the site’s front page or anywhere else. Sorting options available.



Blocks: My ToDo list

Add a personal to-do list with ticking-off functionality on the dashboard of every user with My ToDo list.



Blocks: Yammer

Yammer takes advantage of the Microsoft internal corporate communication tool’s API. It works for members of the same domain network only.



Filters: Insert question

Use tags to add questions from a database just by adding the question’s ID between curled brackets. Demo and further documentation available at



Course formats: eTask topics format

An extension of the “Topics” format available on Moodle by default, eTask includes goodies such as a “grading table” and a passing grade simulator.



Question formats: Gift with medias format

It extends the popular GIFT syntax for building questions by allowing embedded rich media on ZIP packages.



Enrolment: Guest Cohort

Guest Cohort allows guest access to courses for students belonging to a specific cohort on the Moodle site.



Calendars: Thai Buddhist Calendar Type

Happy new 2561! While relatively similar to our Gregorian calendar, enabling it will be a nice touch for students from South East Asia. Available in the site’s language and Thai, which could be more suitable.



Enrolment: Enrol Notification

Get enrolled, get notified.



Filters: GeSHi

A quirky filter to easily add color, highlights, and other layout changes using “Generic Syntax Highlighter” anywhere text editing is enabled.



Filters: Format timestamp

Handily display and convert dates from the Moodle text editor. Supports Unix timestamps, time zones, and custom formatting as per PHP’s time string manipulation options.



General plugins (Local): Auto Group

It uses data from user fields to add the student to a specific group automatically as soon as they enrol. It supports custom user fields.



General plugins (Local): Changelog Lib

This one keeps track of changes in files chosen for manual or automated backup. Useful to determine the right time to perform a backup, depending on the amount of changes in the candidate files.



General plugins (Local): Upload notification

It updates students whenever the teacher makes new content available.


Reports: Course completion overview

It allows admins to check the completion status of users in one central place, by course or by user. This plugin is compatible with, but does not require, completion tracking.


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