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Chris Kenniburg, famed Moodler mostly because of the excellent “Fordson” theme developed at his Dearborn School District, accepted MoodleNews’ open invitation to guest-cover MoodleMoot US 2018. Expected to be the largest Moot ever, it is also Kenniburg’s first Moot and our first live coverage.

WANTED MoodleNews Reporter On The Beat: Help Us Cover MoodleMoot US In Denver This October!

If you are missing the event, fear no more. Just follow along on our Twitter, Enable notifications to get live updates as if you were there!

Of course, you can also check out his own account.

And if you did happen to make it to Denver, Kenniburg’s talk is not to be missed!

We are grateful that Chris accepted our invitation. And of course, we thank you, our readers. We hope you enjoy our little experiment!

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