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Semantic Scholar, the relatively new research database launched by Microsoft co-Founder Paul Allen’s Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence, uses machine learning to “help researchers find better academic publications faster.” Take advantage of it by getting started with the latest Moodle-related research below and browsing around until it figures out what you are really interested in.

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Peter Tchounikine (2017) “Designing for Appropriation: A Theoretical Account” Human-Computer Interaction

In this context, “appropriation” refers to the ability of the user to take advantage of the system’s features confidently. Thinking of the system as an intermediary between the user and a final learning outcome highlights the fact that every system has a cost, like the time spent learning how to use it. This research could be a seminal work that could allow better understanding of how a user “appropriates a system,” and hopefully lead to quantitative ways in which it can be measured.


Paul Baepler and Cynthia James Murdoch (2017) “Academic Analytics and Data Mining in Higher Education”

Whether the newly coined term in this research “Academic Analytics” opens new ways to understand the work and duties of faculties across learning organizations, or if it ends up being a distinction without a difference, remains to be seen. While the authors do strive to establish it as different from business analytics, it feels lacking in developing a unique field of study that learning analytics, or as they themselves mention, “action analytics,” is not evolving towards already.


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