The MoodleNet project moves forward with new playthings to show. The progress is now easy to visualize on its Changemap page, offering quick access to tasks completed, in progress, dismissed, or suggested by fellow users. It is an ongoing effort by Moodle HQ’s and MoodleNet leader Doug Belshaw to improve the lines of communication with the community and clarify what the project vows to be, and what it does not.

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However, to date it shows no “Completed” tasks, despite the release of a “MoodleNet UX Milestone 2” announced at the project blog. It consists of 4 short videos developed by agency Outlandish, one of several external contractors hired so far. They illustrate how MoodleNet users can join communities, add resources to group collections, sign up and manage alt profiles, something called “emoji ID”, tag recommender, and importing collections to courses on Moodle sites; all on a mobile interface.

A final announcement revealed the Elixir as the programming framework to support the back end of MoodleNet. An arguably obscure one, unless you are familiar with Absinthe, Ecto, or Nerves. Read a rationale by technical architect Mayel de Borniol here. See a comparison spreadsheet of apps involving “federated network instances,” as MoodleNet plans to be.

MoodleNet is expected to launch the first trimester of 2019.

Visit MoodleNet’s Making suggestions requires signing up with a Google account.

View MoodleNet’s videos at

MoodleNet’s Trello.

MoodleNet’s GitHub.

MoodleNet’s Gitlab.

MoodleNet’s Moodle Developers Docs. (See the Roadmap to Q1 2019.)

MoodleNet’s Moodle Forum.

MoodleNet’s Telegram.

MoodleNet’s Blog.■

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