What To Look Forward To In Philippines’ First MoodleMoot, Next April
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As emerging nations show sustained progress in people’s standards of living, their young and young adult populations develop a sense for vocational and professional advancement, leading to a demand for higher education and corporate learning. Add to that the high population growth rates of Southeast Asia and you have an education industry about to boom, where online and mobile solutions look more feasible and interesting than brick-and-mortar classrooms.

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All of which makes for a perfect background to MoodleMoot Philippines 2018, the first national gathering of school officials, IT staff, educators, researchers, and enthusiasts of all things Moodle, EdTech, and open source learning. Open technologies are often favored in the region, on both the government and institutional education side. They offer sustainable solutions that provide flexibility and transparency, much sought after attributes by citizens across the ASEAN region.

MoodleMoot Philippines 2018 is subtitled “Transformative Teaching Technologies.” Active learning, collaborative or social approaches, and of course, mobile technologies, are the highlights in the Moot’s long list of topics to be covered.

Even though the official site listed late September as the presentation proposal deadline, the Moot’s Chair reiterated the invitation for “Moodle experts (…) to submit their presentations” only a few days ago. Guidelines are available here.

The final program, with speakers and keynotes, is still in the works as of writing. MoodleMoot Philippines will take place at the Manila Hotel on Thursday and Friday, April 26-27th, 2018.

Find out more from this interview with Sheryl Villaroman, the Moot’s Chair, at moodle.com.

Early bird fees are set at $13,500 PHP until December 29th. Register at mootregistration.nephilaweb.com.ph. More information is available at moodlemoot.org/mootph18. Group discounts are available.

Follow the social media for the event at #MootPH18 and on its Facebook page.

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