Moodle Users Association Updates Website To ‘Boost’ Engagement and Participation

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MUA President Emma Richardson announced on the website’s internal communications forum the availability of the “Boost” theme, Moodle’s default look since Moodle 3.2

MUA’s website also showcases one of the many alternative possibilities of Moodle beyond a Learning Management System, and perfectly fit for a more general CMS. In the case of, Moodle serves as a forum management system with voting and ranking features. MUA members enjoy the many features a student in a traditional Moodle set up would, such as their own private files space, messaging, and access through the Moodle Mobile app.

The new site is still in the testing stage, where glitches are possible, as well as the implementation of new features. Members have already reported a few bugs, as well as functionality missing from the old site. Other ongoing discussions involve the availability and possible uses for other Moodle standard activities, as well as the introduction of plugins.

To enjoy the custom-fit Moodle site currently being built for MUA, consider joining the Association. It is an immeasurably valuable opportunity to network, debate, be a part of the future of Moodle, and influence open learning technologies at large. Membership fees start at $100 AUD per year, with higher tiers entitling you to more votes in individual-based instances, such as the semiannual Project Development Cycle or the yearly Committee elections.

Contact the Moodle Users Association here.

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