Moodle Supera su Propio Récord: 100,000 Sitios Registrados | Moodle Surpasses 100,000 Registered Sites Worldwide

The streak of milestones for the Moodle project continues. Within 15 years, from a doctoral project in Perth aiming to enhance the learning and collaboration tools of the limited number of existing alternatives, to a sprawling ecosystem of users, technologies and services, Moodle has demonstrated the value of Learning Management Systems for virtually any learning scenario, as well as the many benefits, often unmatched, of an open source alternative that places learning as a universal right above commercial sustainability.

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As of last week, Moodle hit the 100,000 registered sites mark, a feat with no hard-to-find contest in LMS and EdTech. This was reported by the Moodle blog, Moodle HQ Community Educator Mary Cooch, and HQ Community Manager Helen Foster (see Forum post). You can get Moodle’s live scores at, where you can see that the number of users may already have surpassed the 130 million across 228 countries, and the number of courses is about to reach 15 million. Put another way, this means that on average a Moodle site has close to 1,300 students, and a Moodle course has 8.7.

This is an official figure built only by those who voluntarily registered their Moodle sites on the official record. As registered sites are scored weekly according to attributes such as activity, content, and open access. Demos or short-lived sites are not included, nor are those used inside private networks (i.e., intranets).

How [Moodle sites] statistics are collected and maintained, at

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