Moodle Practice Across Virtual, Simulated And Real Worlds: The Best Moodle Videos On YouTube In The Last Week


Diversity, resourcefulness, and opportunity are the commonalities in the videos that shook the Moodleverse’s airwaves last week.

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Virtual Program Lab and Moodle

From Karachi, the first video of College of Management & Sciences (COMS) course on Fundamentals of Programming explains the Moodle Virtual Programming Lab (VPL) plugin. A 10-step set-up process is thoroughly explained with a checklist, a tool that could be useful to build instances for many plugin-based Moodle activities.

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Moodle Mobile – Universidad Icesi

In a tutorial Moodle HQ might do well paying attention to, top Central Western Colombian University ICESI takes a regional leap forward with their very own Branded Moodle app. Produced and narrated by students, it uses a handy 2-screen solution: A view embedded in a phone (Android, for a change) and a close-up. It handily showcases course search and self-enrollment, offline capabilities, messaging and more.

PJJ Edutech Madrasah : VHD Linux Server + Moodle (CBT)

Full disclosure: I’m not exactly sure about what’s going on here. Suffice it to say there are girls and boys in India accessing courses in Moodle installed on a local Linux server. With really inspiring music, of course! Stick around after the 2 minute 45 second mark to check out some “testimoni siswa.”

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