Moodle Mobile 3.5 Is Out! Check Out A Brand New Look, Navigation Enhancements And Advanced Admin Control | La Aplicación Moodle 3.5 para Móviles Android y iOS Ya Está Disponible

On June 25th, just a tad late, Moodle Mobile 3.5 was released. New features, from GDPR compliance to visual layout and responsiveness enhancements; 7 critical bugs fixed and dozens of issues addressed make the latest upgrade Moodle’s most ambitious mobile play yet. On the app stores for Android and iOS, the app will no longer appear as Moodle Mobile, just “Moodle.”

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The bulk of the development was related to the upgrade of the technology powering Moodle Mobile, namely Ionic 3. The framework offers an open source set of tools for cross-platform, screen responsive mobile development, built in the JavaScript language. Templates, performance optimization and easy access to mobile-specific resources (sensors, cameras, etc.) explain its place among the most popular mobile and hybrid frameworks today. The upgrade required the migration of more than 15 core activities to Ionic 3, from the Front Page and Calendar, to the Preferences page, Notifications and LTI.

Here is a breakdown of everything new in Moodle 3.5 for mobile:

Key new features

  • Support custom app Privacy Policy. This enables admins to create a site policy specific for app access.
  • Support new Moodle 3.5 course cards in the app. The images accompanying courses, a feature available in Moodle 3.5, can be also visible on the app.
  • Support for course format type plugins. Other plugin types can offer mobile support through “remote add-ons.”
  • Admins can disable offline capabilities to download all or single courses.
  • Support for Vimeo videos. Persistent issues with scrolling on pages with video were also addressed.
  • Updated icons or iOS.

To access a Moodle site through the mobile apps, admins must enable mobile services. The current version of the Moodle app, 3.5.0 is available for sites running Moodle 3.1 onward. Previous sites can enable Moodle Mobile access through the now called “Moodle Classic” app. Users will find a message when trying to access old sites from the new app, or new sites from Moodle Classic. The Moodle 3.5.0 app works for devices running iOS 8 or Android 4.4 or newer.

See Moodle HQ’s Juan Leyva announcement, “Version 3.5.0 of the Moodle app is now available” on the Moodle Forum.

Read more: “New for mobile” at

“What’s new in the Moodle 3.5 app and introducing Moodle Classic” at ■

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