Moodle Is So Flexible MOL Can Fit 30+ Years Of Professional Development History Inside

Launched in 1984, MOL offers custom-fit study programs for companies in the UK, with Manchester as its main area of influence. Over time, the value of learning for their own internal processes has not gone unnoticed. In the nineties, MOL started to deliver programs for standard and trade qualifications, and deepened the production of training programs built for internal use of increasingly larger companies. Today, it is a household name in qualifications for professionals in Human Resources, Construction & Electrical, Conveyancing & Probate, Property Agency, Management & Leadership, and Learning & Development.

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Because of the customization choices and extended functionality, MOL has based its work with Moodle on the online delivery of its programs. Recently, a case study features MOL’s rebranding process, which they went through with the help of Moodle Partner HowToMoodle and its “Brand It!” theme, used for most customers. HowToMoodle uses “Brand It!” as the basis for their theme development, which reproduces the company’s (in this case, MOL) corporate image and builds custom functionality. MOL’s theme is distinguished by a slider, a “quicklinks” section, and tweaked menus.

MOL illustrates Moodle’s ample customization options, but it also reflects the Moodle Partner’s ability to deliver quickly with quality and responsiveness through each step. MOL is currently developing new online programs which will hopefully make the most of its dashing new Moodle and test it to the limits.

Read the case study at or download it in PDF here.

Disclaimer: HowToMoodle is a MoodleNews sponsor.

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