Moodle HQ is one of the most prominent open source software development team. Currently, Moodle HQ team is looking for influential candidates for different roles to help empower the educators around the world.
Joining the Moodle HQ team will give you the determination to create something meaningful for millions across the globe. Moodle HQ team is responsible for development of world’s most powerful open-source online learning platform  which is used by schools, higher education institutions and workplaces globally.

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Current Openings:

At present, Moodle HQ team is looking for:

    • Communications Officer (based in Barcelona) – You must have a minimum 3 years working experience in a similar role, providing communications support services. And a good understanding of Social & digital marketing. If you feel that this is the perfect opportunity for you, then submit your application right now through this link.
    • User Experience Designer – You must have an excellent design portfolio with relevant projects across various channels including web and mobile. You should also posses a strong understanding of design principles including colour, layout, and typography. Sound’s good – Apply today through this link.
    • Open Source/ Moodle Developers – If you are a Moodle developer writing high quality open source code, writing automated tests, designing and documenting the implementation of new features etc. then this is the opportunity for you. You must have a minimum 3 years programming experience in a medium to large-scale development environment with a good knowledge of databases and SQL, HTML5, CSS, PHP, Javascript and Ajax. Click here to apply now.
    • Data Privacy Officer (based in Barcelona) – As a data privacy officer at Moodle HQ, you will have a unique opportunity to shape and influence the privacy and data protection space at Moodle. You must have an experience as a qualified lawyer (preferably 1-2 years) or strong experience in a privacy role (minimum 3 years). You should also have knowledge of data privacy, data handling and data classification across international law. Apply Now.

Are you interested in joining Moodle HQ – the team behind world’s most popular open source learning management system? Do share with us in the comments section below.

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