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This week, a case study in bringing Moodle about in the midst of a general relaxing of legal and societal rules in the Middle East and a summary of the implications, some more obvious than others, of a larger bet on mobile learning on the part of institutions.

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Mohammed Ateeq Alanezi (2018) “Adaption of Moodle as E-Learning in Saudi Arabian University: Empirical Examination and its Outcomes Using TAM” International Journal of Computer

Despite the vast number of Moodlers on record, for the most part, the learning world is just waking up to LMS and its potential in classrooms of all types, including physical. Not too different from waking up from a 30-year coma into a world of ubiquitous personal technologies, these institutions go from complete unawareness to having to choose among dozens of options, from brands to architectural configurations. The researcher at Shaqra University explains his institution’s rationale in each step of the decision process, how the conclusion was to choose Moodle, and the general lessons that other organizations might take from their process. The article shows how awareness leads to an immediate need to adopt a system, no matter how hastily, which is likely to be followed by the adoption of subsequent system changes, perhaps including a period of “carouseling” between a few options. To avoid this costly practice, awareness is essential. As Shaqra chose Moodle first, they were spared from going through many LMS, as the staff was able to convince decisionmakers that dissatisfaction or missing functionality could be solved without switching, perhaps unlike other LMS solutions.


Alp Idil Ersoy-Babula and Michael Babula (2018) “Learning on the move business students’ adaptation of virtual learning environment and mobile device technology” The International Journal of Management Education

This research started when researchers found that “Blackboard was being underutilized.” In this case, a switch to Moodle did not automatically increase the LMS use beyond the file storage functions, but a later push to Moodle Mobile did. Researchers found increased textbook access, both frequency and total spent time, thanks to the mobile availability.

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