Moodle Fortnite? Make Learning Activities Your Students Will Want To ‘Streambrag’ About

Moodle Fortnite Make Learning Activities Your Students Will Want To ‘Streambrag’ About
“Aidan Battle Royale” by John Morgan is licensed under CC BY 2.0

If you are involved in K-12 education, but missed the announcement by Epic Games (partly owned by Tencent) to commit $100 million USD towards Fortnite-based eSports competitions, you might want to reconsider your career choice. The massive videogame hit tells a story of meteoric popularity rise, in that it took years to light up the sky overnight. Fortnite will, in all likelihood, join the Paris 2024 Summer games, as eSports are in talks to become a new Olympic discipline.

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eSports has cemented itself as an entertainment industry in its own right, with viewership records broken each passing year, a growing pool of celebrity “e-thletes”, and increased commitments by advertisers, as well as broadcasting networks. They also enjoy a special familiarity among the digital natives, who increasingly get their driver’s licenses and soon will join the workforce in droves. If gaming skills are what makes people stand out, then everything you need to succeed is literally at your fingertips. The way skills are acknowledged by peers, and practice is systematically recorded (and live-streamed on Twitch), could have important lessons about motivation through Moodle and similarly featured EdTech.

eSports ideas worth of Moodle

  • Teamwork is imperative. The most popular mode in eSports is “battle royale,” where teams must ensure their survival at the other teams’ expense. Just like any battle, defensive and offensive tactics matter, but there are also game-specific considerations about resource procurement and management, which demand specialization. Over time, team cohesion is essential, and in turn this helps validate individual players. If anyone makes a mistake, acknowledgment and willingness to improve beats blame and rejection every time.
  • A rich setting matters as much as the goal. As hard as it can be to accept, a key fact of life holds true here: The less obvious it is that learning is happening, the more engaging and ultimately effective learning can be. All video games have elements of thrill, comedy, drama, and just plain fun. Students join a game, have the time of their lives, and as a result their dexterity, spatial processing, planning, resourcefulness, and other game-specific skills are increased. What’s not to like?
  • Openness for everyone to create their essential story. As a result of the two previous ideas, specialization in a rich environment creates new opportunities to shine. Besides its colossal appeal, Fortnite has spawned another frequency of pop culture waves thanks to the dancing moves of the characters.
  • And, of course, welcome #streambragging. Gameplay streaming sites like Twitch show that players don’t have to feel like they are superstars to showcase their abilities, and just a little encouragement is all it takes to keep them going. And as a nice bonus, their progress is meticulously recorded for posterity. If you don’t livestream on your own Twitch, I hope your grandchildren will still remember you. ■

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