New Moodle teachers often need to enroll students to their Moodle course manually. Once you setup your first Moodle course, it is the time to enroll students in your course. Usually the students are enrolled in your Moodle course by your site admin, but sometimes you need to enroll the students manually.
In this article, I will show you how to manually enroll the users in your course. In Moodle terminology, the process of giving the access to your course to students in called as enrollment. Moodle supports multiple enrollment methods like Self Enrollment, PayPal enrollment, LDAP Enrollment, Category enrollment etc.
Before start enrolling the students in your Moodle course manually, you need to make sure that manual enrolments are enabled for your Moodle with your site administrator. It is enabled by default  but if it is not, you can enable it through Administration > Site administration > Plugins > Enrolments > Manage enrol plugins.
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Steps to manually enroll students in your Moodle course:

Before starting the manual enrollment, you should have the students accounts on your Moodle site. In Moodle terminology, the process of adding new users to Moodle is called Authentication. Moodle supports multiple methods to authenticate the users like Login via email, Self registration, External Database, LDAP server, Unique login etc.
Here are the detailed steps to enroll the students in your course using manual enrollment method:

  • Login as a teacher and Navigate to the course in which you would like to enroll the students.
  • Check if the manual enrollment is enabled for your course. You can do so by navigating to Nav Drawer > Participants > Gear Icon > Enrollment Methods. Make sure that the ‘Eye-Icon’ is open for manual enrollment.
  • You can configure the default settings for the Manual Enrollment for your course by clicking the Gear Icon besides the Eye Icon.
  • Go to ‘Enrolled users’ from the gear menu in the nav drawer Participants link.
  • Click the ‘Enrol users’ button at the top right or bottom left of the page.
  • Browse or search for the user name.
  • Click the Enrol button opposite the user. The user will indent in the list and the enrol button will disappear, indicating that the user is enrolled.
  • Once you are done, click the ‘Finish enrolling users’ button.

If you have any queries/questions about enrolling students, you can post them in the comments section below.
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