Last July, Paradiso Solutions hosted a live webinar in a partnership with Moodle, about Competency Based Tools. It had the intent to provide clarity about the term, as well as the current technological landscape. Competencies, Competency Frameworks and Competency-Based Education (CBE) are highly valuable elements that bind together the full breadth of an organization, from its mission, core values and long-term strategy, from practical, granular elements of the learning activities, their implementation and measurement. This next-gen level of alignment is a relatively recent development in managerial science, primarily because of the role technology plays in offering unprecedented levels of control.

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CBE and Moodle have a longstanding relationship, which users familiar with the approach can gauge from some of the open source LMS details, features and choices. The webinar dealt with varied topics in terms of competencies and their practical implementation in Moodle.

Paradiso’s team of experts discussed the way Moodle services can lend themselves towards a Competencies-based approach, the possible integration with third-party services, and how a CBE-optimal Moodle Course would look like. Paradiso included some of their unique examples and ability to illustrate the “elegance” that Moodle offers for Competency approaches.

Regarding integration, Paradiso has helped customers provide Open Source LMS implementations for Moodle (and Moodle’s LMS offshoot Mahara) across the several stages, at varying levels of intervention:

● Customization
● Installation
● Hosting
● Support
● Consulting

Careful choice in the way a Moodle or Mahara site is built, and some of the attributes required for a course, especially the link between a course activity (or learning intervention) and a given codified outcome (the “competency”) help streamline a CBE implementation. Particularly, it simplifies the process of integrating the LMS with supporting systems. Paradiso showcased its custom-built experiences:

● Moodle Salesforce
● Moodle Sharepoint
● Moodle Google Apps
● Moodle BigBlueButton, Adobe Connect

Popular content creation tools may allow for CBE, although educators and designers are not always aware. Paradiso revealed the CBE-ready tools in course activity creation for:

● Captivate
● Articulate
● Lectora

Finally, the webinar shared tips and advice for preserving or incorporating CBE during the process of transition of learning or training content into a fully-online solution inhabiting the LMS.

In the webinar, the attendants were able to learn about Competency-based tool and its benefits to get better results in training, how to create solid Competency Frameworks, how to best articulate Competencies within Learning Plans (which opens the powerful door of personalized learning) and managing Competencies on the daily instruction within course.

Because of their systemic approach of demonstrable skill acquisition, which binds learning interventions to assessment and grading outcomes, Competencies help increase the rigurosity of an organization’s learning strategy. A school or university can, for example, use CBE to clearly articulate their value proposition. But corporations facing internal training needs may find the best value yet. The identification of key Competency skills for their workforce can clearly and objectively stem from top-level managerial decisions about long-term strategy.

The Paradiso team, at the webinar and throughout their communications plan, emphasize the current opportunity for organizations of all stripes, to take advantage of a CBE approach, which amounts to a pioneering Learning and Development move across most industries.

Paradiso uses Moodle as a foundation, and has expertise in adapting existing LMS solutions, or built them from scratch. Paradiso’s clients enjoy state-of-the-art systems boasting unique UIs, e-Commerce, gamification, efficient hosting, top-quality support and many more features.

Find out more and ask for a free, 50-user LMS trial here.

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Disclaimer: Paradiso Solutions is a sponsor of MoodleNews.

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