With the newest update to Moodle, new functionality is available. Now, each question on the quiz page offers an additional section at the bottom, “Tags,” where the creator can add relevant keywords to better organize Moodle’s Question Bank. Tags can refer to the subject matter, as well as the type or format, the difficulty, or just about any attribute.

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Admins can allow creators to come up with new tags or they can limit users to a predefined set of tags. Subsets of tags can also be arranged in “Tag Collections,” as of Moodle 3.1.

With the appropriate tags, questions will appear in search results or tag pages along with other taggable items available in Moodle. Tag enthusiasts can also look into Tags Block and other plugins taking advantage of them.

Moodle Tag page example
Moodle Tag page example

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The Question dashboard also brings a new icon that allows quick Tag editing from a pop-up menu.

The feature is the result of the Moodle Users Association’s 2017 first Project Development Cycle, called “Expanded Question Bank Management/Categorization.” The ability to add tags to questions also allows Quiz creators to use tags as criteria to generate random quizzes.

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Read “Using tags: Questions” at docs.moodle.org.■

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