Meet A French Champion Of Open EdTech, For Moodle And Thanks To Moodle
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In the spring of 2006, Luiggi Sansonetti had a realization with social, legal, technological, and, of course, educational ramifications. This was during the “Youth Protests.” While thousands of students across France blocked access to university campuses in protest for a new law targeting their job security prospects for people under 26, Sansonetti started to load course content onto Moodle for IUT Lannion at the University of Rennes. While a country evenly split fought over another instance of the regulation versus competitiveness in the job market debate, Sansonetti first witnessed the convenience of a system to manage course content and assignments. Eventually, the law proposal was withdrawn, but an educational revolution was already taking over French universities. It involved new approaches supported by technology and the consolidation of a national community of learners, all thanks to Moodle.

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More than ten years later, Sansonetti is still a believer in the revolution. Moodle has shaped both the organization and the ideas about what higher education can achieve for society. As part of his personal contribution, he is an active figure in the French faction of the Moodle Forum and Moodle Docs, he helps to translate plugins, and he takes part in the organization of the annual MoodleMoot France. All of which have made him a deserving recipient of four “Particularly Helpful Moodler” badges, which he earned consecutively in the last three years.

Most recently, Sansonetti was voted into the 10-person Committee that steers the Moodle Users Association.

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